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These Napoleonic paper soldiers were initially designed for myself many years ago at 1/58th scale (being my interpretation of 28mm). They were assembled on bases where 1mm = 1 yard of ground. The very first foot figure I produced is shown on the right. They were cut out as individual figures with a separate front and a back, glued together and then placed on a base.

More recently, Peter Dennis has shown that the paper soldiers approach can be much simplified by drawing the figures in groups and matching the back to the front in a single piece with a top fold.

By scanning my originals and manipulating them digitally I have been able to replicate his approach with my figures. These were finely drawn to look accurate. Hence muskets, bayonets and swords and body widths are intended to be to scale. This means extra care must be taken when folding up to get perfect alignment. I encourage you to read this guidance carefully to get the best results. A very few individual figures may not align absolutely perfectly at the back (although any “edge” can be coloured in with a felt tip pen!).

So, I now offer them in the Peter Dennis “Paper boys” style. I have produced them in various groupings with the intention that this will give flexibility between 100 or more figures representing a French battalion or a single stand of 15 figures representing a whole regiment. Browse the sheets available and see which set works best for you.

Additionally, if you wish to work in other scales than “28mm” the sheets can be printed at reduced sizes. I have certainly cut out figures down to 10mm but I leave it to the brave to try 6mm!

Like Peter’s groups these offer a quick and cost effective way of building a ready coloured large army with accurate uniforms!

I hope that these figures find favour with you.

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