"Here is a way of playing wargames with large and colourful armies that won’t break the bank."

- Paper armies. Proper armies. -


Welcome to Peter’s Paperboys!

With a dozen or so titles in the Helion & Co Paper soldiers range, it’s time to break  out online with new ranges of the little chaps designed to extend the use of the armies in those books, and to cover new ground in a more expansive way than is allowed by the rigid space limits of a 48 page book. I will be adding regularly to the range of sheets available. You can follow my progress day to day, comment and make suggestions on the Paperboys page on Facebook.

Happy snipping!

Peter Dennis

Find out about Peter’s Paper soldier books published by Helion and Company here.
Helion host a range of free downloadable sheets to complement the books here.

How to Make Paper Soldiers

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A word on copyright.

" Your downloaded sheets are yours to keep and to print as often as you like for your own hobby use.

They are, however, my copyright and you must not republish or otherwise release them to the public in any form, digital or print without my express permission.

To do so will risk bringing our Paper Soldiering adventures in history to a premature end. So please, keep them to yourself! "

- Thank You. Peter Dennis