The Joust game
The Joust game
The Joust game

The Joust game

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This is an entertainment for children of all ages which might while away an afternoon in isolation. I invite you to decorate a knight of your own and participate, on a glorious field of tournament, in a fearsome joust.

The Game is made in 54mm scale and can be printed at 56% to be in 28mm scale, although I don’t know if the joust proper would work with such tiny figures. An alternative simple dice game is offered.

If you are home-schooling, an online exploration of the history of the tournament, and a look at the glories of heraldry might be an enjoyable extension of the craft work.

Our download contains the following:
• The rules
• The Joust, sheets 1 – 8
• Maker’s notes

This is free to download.

The figures are laid out on A4 format, which will print onto US legal sized paper, or will fit US letter size printed at 93%. You can, of course, print the figures in any scale you choose, making them uniquely flexible in this respect.

You will need scissors, a craft knife, glue, appropriate paper and some stiffer card for reinforcements, all of which are described in the 'joust maker's notes' which is also included with the download.