10mm ACW Figures Bundle
10mm ACW Figures Bundle
10mm ACW Figures Bundle
10mm ACW Figures Bundle

10mm ACW Figures Bundle

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Designed for your 10mm ACW games of war, this figure bundle contains the following 17 sheets:

11ACW10 Confederate Cavalry Short
12ACW10 Confederate Cavalry Line
13ACW10 Confederate Infantry 12
14ACW10 Confederate Infantry 3
15ACW10 Confederate Infantry Early 3
16ACW10 Confederate Infantry Early 12

17ACW10 Union Cavalry Line
18ACW10 Union Cavalry Short
19ACW10 Union Infantry 3
20ACW10 Union Infantry 12
21ACW10 Union Infantry Coloured 3
22ACW10 Union Infantry Coloured 12
23ACW10 Union Infantry Iron Red Blue Zouaves

24ACW10 Artillery Both
25ACW10 Cavalry Dismounted Both
26ACW10 Casualties Both
27ACW10 Mounted Officers Skirmish Both

Once downloaded, the sheets can be printed individually as often as you like, which means you can build up large armies very cheaply. You will need scissors, a craft knife, glue, appropriate paper and some stiffer card for bases, all of which are described in the how-to section.

The figures are laid out on A4 format, which will print onto US legal sized paper, or will fit US letter size printed at 93%. You can, of course, print the figures in any scale you choose, making them uniquely flexible in this respect.