Achaemenid Persian Army (all sheets)
Achaemenid Persian Army (all sheets)
Achaemenid Persian Army (all sheets)

Achaemenid Persian Army (all sheets)

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These are all the available sheets for the Achaemenid Persian Army during the times of the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars. We have made them available to download as a complete bundle of individual sheets.

  • Immortals Yellow Regiment
  • Immortals Blue Regiment
  • Sparabara Spearmen
  • Close-order Archers
  • Spara shields
  • Kardakes Persian ‘Hoplites’
  • Kappodokian Levy Infantry
  • Persian skirmish infantry
  • Ethiopian and Iranian Skirmishers
  • Egyptian ‘Marines’
  • Indian Archers
  • Persian Heavy Cavalry
  • Persian Light/Medium Cavalry
  • Babylonian Cavalry
  • Saka Horse Archers
  • Arab Camelry
  • 3D Chariots
  • 2D Chariots
  • Mounted Officers, etc.
  • Maker’s Notes 3D chariots
Once downloaded, the sheets can be printed as often as you like, which means you can build up large armies very cheaply. You will need scissors, a craft knife, glue, appropriate paper and some stiffer card for bases, all of which are described in the how-to section.

The figures are laid out on A4 format, which will print onto US legal sized paper, or will fit US letter size printed at 93%. You can, of course, print the figures in any scale you choose, making them uniquely flexible in this respect.

You will need to make a stiff 40mm wide card base for each stand. It should be 30mm deep for three rank infantry and all cavalry, and 20mm deep for two rank infantry and skirmishers.

There are 20 sheets in the bundle including instructions.  Once purchased and downloaded the sheets can be printed individually.