10mm Thirty years War bundle, 1618 - 1648
10mm Thirty years War bundle, 1618 - 1648

10mm Thirty years War bundle, 1618 - 1648

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This bundle contains the troops you will need for the TYW. Most armies did not wear uniforms, so the ‘Imperial pikes’ and ‘Imperial muskets’ will be fine for all infantry except the Swedes, who did wear uniforms, and their regiments are named after their colours. There are lots of flags and also ‘colour your own’ flags for pretty much anybody. All Cavalry flags are blank, leaving you with the momentary task of colouring them as you wish with a fine felt tip. As far as we know, no Cavalry units were uniformed in any army.

15. Flags 01 

16. Flags 02 - Enemies 01

17. Flags 03 - Enemies 02

18. Imperial Muskets

19. Imperial Pikes

20. Hackapells Finnish Irregular Cavalry

21. Mercenary Irregular Cavalry

22. Arquebusiers Mounted

23. Swedish Army - White

24. Swedish Army - Yellow

25. Swedish Army - Black

26. Swedish Army - Red

27. Swedish Army - Orange

28. Swedish Army - Green 

29. Swedish Army - Blue

Once downloaded, the sheets can be printed individually as often as you like, so you can build up large armies cheaply. You will need scissors, a craft knife, glue, appropriate paper and some stiffer card for bases, all of which are described in the how-to section.

The figures are laid out on A4 format, which will print onto US legal-sized paper or fit US letter size printed at 93%. You can print the figures in any scale you choose, making them uniquely flexible in this respect.